Mystical Adventures

Lists and plans, plans and lists… every January the same thing and this year more than ever. As part of my year of mystical thinking, I’m now just making resolutions (and immediately breaking them), I’m planning 12 different mystical adventures…one each month for the whole of 2018. Some of these adventures are things I’ve always wanted to do or learn but never had/made the time. Some are things I never thought I’d try but intend to in the spirit of this project. Others are about exploring things I already know, use and love – my love affair with tarot, astrology and crystals is LONG TERM – but on a deeper level. I’m planning to write about it all here in what I hope will be a readable mix of open-minded exploration and journalistic analysis. You can take the lifestyle writer out of magazines and all that…

So, here’s the list. I’ve already ticked off the first (post to come, update: here) and can’t wait to get stuck in to the rest. If we’re friends IRL and you’ve ever expressed an interest in the spiritual realm, brace yourself for a call to action. Who needs cocktails and sushi when you can lie down in a darkened room and meditate, right? Oh, and if I’ve missed something you think I really should try let me know. Scroll on for my Mystical To Do List. There’s more than 12 possibilities but I’m sure the universe will narrow it down. Find me over on instagram here.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.29.32



  • Make a vision board

  • Take a crystal sound bath
  • Find out who my spirit animal is
  • Learn to harness the power of moon phases
  • Get a crystal reading
  • Dig out my astrological birth chart from way back and delve deeper into my chart and the charts of friends and family
  • Start doing chart readings for others again
  • Visit a psychic
  • Cast a spell
  • Learn to meditate
  • Have my tarot cards read by someone else
  • Start doing tarot readings for others again
  • Reiki
  • Have my aura cleansed
  • Do a floatation tank (I was obsessed with these in the early ‘00s)
  • Tune in to my intuition
  • Learn about chakras
  • Try Kundalini yoga
  • Learn about Ayurveda
  • Contact the spirit world (maybe? Maybe not?)

Images: Alchemise Healing & Wolf Sister

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