Snow Day Magic

February is a crazy hectic month chez moi with three birthdays (mine and both my girls) in two weeks as well as school half term. Most years I begin to lose my mind to a whirlwind of cakes (cakes for school, cakes for tea, cakes for parties…so many cakes… I don’t even bake them but they drive me to distraction), gifts and party logistics.

This year was no exception. Frazzled, exhausted, behind on work, Amazon orders stacking up in the hall and majorly worried my eldest daughter’s birthday (which comes at the end of the month of chaos) was getting left behind in the process.

I didn’t even have to time to stop and think about what I could do to stop that happening. But as it turned out I didn’t need to…

Because this happened…

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 09.18.37

I went to Monday night yoga as the snow started to fall and by the time I walked back (up the middle of the road because cars had given up) there were adults throwing snowballs on their way home from the pub and magic in the air.

We woke up the next day (big girl’s ninth birthday) to the best snow I’ve seen in years.

Snow Day!

After an emergency trip to buy sledges, gloves, wellies and bread (never knowingly over prepared) we declared it a day off for all and headed to a local park to slide the slopes, drink hot chocolates and build snowmen.

A perfect excuse to slow down, take stock and make a small girl’s birthday one to remember for all the best reasons. Beast from the east, Siberian winds, Storm Emma or simply a gift from the universe* when we needed it most. Either way… despite not being a #grateful kind of person, yesterday, I totally was.

*Totally over it now it’s turned to slush and I have to drag them to school if you’re still listening universe… 




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